Make time for teeth cleaning.

The good news about teeth cleaning is that it’s a fairly comfortable process and it delivers incredible results including a clean mouth, sparkling teeth, and most importantly a thorough clean-up of plaque and calculus. Teeth cleaning is generally performed every three to six months.

Teeth cleaning: Why brushing and flossing aren’t enough.

Daily hygiene can take care of a lot, but it’s difficult to reach all areas of the mouth on our own. Plaque that gets left behind hardens into calculus, and as calculus accumulates it forms a formidable barrier that brushes and floss can’t budge. If plaque and calculus are allowed to remain on the root surface the gum tissues may become infected, causing gum disease. Professional teeth cleaning is the only way to remove stubborn plaque and calculus and protect your gums for life-long health.

Recent medical research is revealing some startling news about gum disease: Heart attacks, strokes, premature birth, and even cancer appear to be related to chronic inflammation in the body. The most common source of chronic inflammation in the human body? Gum disease. This means that teeth cleaning is even more critical than we thought. Contact us for your teeth cleaning appointment.

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