Dental crowns and bridges:
Smart options for strong teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges are an ideal option for people who have weakened teeth or if part of a tooth is missing. Dental crowns are basically caps for your teeth that look and feel completely natural. They either encircle the tooth around the perimeter, or cap the surface of it. Dental crowns are used to:

• Surround an existing tooth and strengthen it if it shows signs of weakening or cracking
• Cover deteriorated teeth and improve appearance

Dental crowns can be made from porcelain fused to metal, all-porcelain or traditional gold material (not as common). Contact us about dental crowns, and which option might be right for you. For small cracks, chips or gaps, we will recommend either dental crowns or cosmetic bonding.

Dental bridges

Dental crowns must adhere to the tooth's surface; if a tooth is completely missing, we use dental bridges or dental implants to preserve your bite alignment and the health of your remaining teeth. To create a dental bridge, we cement two crowns to healthy teeth on either side of the gap. The crowns hold an artificial tooth (or teeth) in place. Dental bridges look natural, last for years, and are a permanent and a trusted choice for missing teeth. Dental implants are another popular option. Talk to us about all your options for missing or mis-shapen teeth.