Cosmetic dentures, restorative dentures.

When teeth are missing, dental implants usually represent the best option. However, there are times when full or partial dentures are necessary. Also called "cosmetic dentures" these dentures are generally removable and easy to use and clean.

Full cosmetic dentures replace all teeth on one or both jaw, while partial dentures replace just a few teeth in specific areas. Your comfort is our first priority, and we schedule follow-up appointments to ensure proper fit and help you adjust.

For many people, the thought of having dentures is unpleasant, but advances in full and partial dentures have made this a wonderful, low-maintenance option with several important benefits:

• Chewing: Many people with poor tooth condition are not getting the full nutrition from their food due to improper chewing. This is especially true of the elderly who often become malnourished because of poor teeth conditions. Dentures correct this.

• Alignment: Dentures maintain alignment and save you from future issues with your jaw or your remaining teeth.

• Confidence: Full and partial dentures restore the shape of your face as well as your smile for overall improved appearance. They also allow you to speak normally.