Dental night guards: For a safe night's sleep.

We create safe, comfortable custom dental night guards for our teeth grinding patients. If you think you might grind your teeth, you're not alone! This harmful habit, officially called "bruxism," occurs in about one third of the general population – although it's more prevalent among women.

Night guards for teeth grinding

Any or all of the following warning signs might be evidence of teeth grinding. Talk to us if you experience one or more of these symptoms.
• Unexplained sensitivity in teeth and gums
• Jaw pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
• Popping and clicking jaws
• Tense neck muscles, headaches
• Excessive wear or flatness on teeth
• Worn enamel
• Exposed and sensitive tooth interior (dentin)
• Tongue indentations

Over time, teeth grinding can cause mis-alignment of the jaw and weakened teeth. A dental night guard is a smart investment in your long-term oral health. We can fit you for a night guard during any appointment by simply taking an impression of the teeth. We then send this impression to our lab for a completely comfortable, custom-fit dental night guard. Contact us about dental night guards today.