About the use of of nitrous oxide in dentistry.

For some, even the thought of a dental visit can produce intense anxiety. Our years of experience has taught us that this is not "just in your head" and can be a real challenge for people who would like to take care of their teeth but can't conquer their anxiety. Unfortunately, neglect only leads to more extensive (and more anxiety-provoking) procedures down the line.

We're always here to work with you at your comfort level. We encourage patients to be as communicative as possible about what is going on and any questions that they have. By adjusting our pace, using relaxing music and communicating fully, we find we can alleviate anxiety for the majority of our patients. For others, options in "conscious sedation" such as nitrous oxide can make the difference between a skipped appointment or years of oral health.

The effects of nitrous oxide in dentistry are short-lived and wear off quickly after your appointment. You may experience a tingling sensation, and a deep sense of calm. You'll be awake at all times and able to ask and answer any questions.