Oral cancer screening: the 90% factor.

The single most important fact to know about oral cancer is this: When oral cancer is found early, treatment is 90% successful. Oral cancer screenings are your ticket to early detection. We perform regular oral cancer screenings along with teeth cleanings and other appointments to check for abnormalities. In addition to the visual exam, we recommend the Vizilite® Oral Cancer screening once a year. This simple and painless procedure involves rinsing with a solution that reveals any tissue change under a special light. The procedure takes just a few minutes, and is the most current and effective preventive technology available.

Oral cancer screenings – not just for smokers.

When deciding about an oral cancer screening it's important to know the facts. Although smoking is an important factor, it's not the only factor:

• 25% of oral cancers occur in people who don't smoke and have no other lifestyle risk factors
• The American Cancer Society estimates a 5.5% increase in new cases of oral cancer and a 1.5% increase in deaths associated with oral cancer
• Assessment/diagnosis of your periodontal condition
• 35,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the US this year