Safe, professional teeth whitening.

Nothing puts a smile on people's face like healthy, bright white teeth. We've spent a lot of time researching the safest and most effective teeth whitening products and have narrowed our selections to two favorites:

• A 20% teeth whitening solution used for an hour a day for a few days
• A 10% - 15% teeth whitening solution used overnight for a period of one week

These gentle teeth whitening solutions have been proven safe to your enamel and most people find that the time goes quickly with wonderful results. The process is simple: We take an impression for a custom tray in our office and after one week you pick up the tray and teeth whitener solution. Fill the tray for either one hour/day or overnight teeth whitening. Smile, you're done!

For other discoloration options, see veneers and cosmetic bonding. Contact us about teeth whitening.